Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris

This is book six in the Southern Vampire Mysteries series, on which the TV show True Blood is based. I haven’t actually seen the show, since it’s only on in the US, but read about it and decided to try the books while I wait. I love this series – it’s fun, I really like the main characters and there’s lots of supernatural goodness.

In this installment Sookie has to go to New Orleans to clear the apartment of her vampire cousin, who is now definitely dead. My main criticism of the book is that it seems to assume you already know this bit of backstory and, unless you read some of the short stories outside in the various anthologies outside the series, you don’t. That said it’s easy to catch up.

It doesn’t go smoothly, obviously. There’s a bit more exploration of Quinn from the previous book, comparitively little Bill and Eric, which is a shame in one way but the book doesn’t feel like it’s missing anything, and a witch called Amy who I’m hoping will appear again. There’s a lot going on but it works well and is an enjoyable admission to the series.


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