The Big Over Easy by Jasper Fforde

I read this because it was the first of my book club reads, and also because it’s been sitting waiting for me to read it for a long time for no particular reason.

Set in a fictional version of Reading the book is a murder mystery. Detective Jack Spratt and his partner Mary Mary of the Nursery Crimes Division are trying to solve it, under pressure to produce a publishable mystery story at the same time. This is the first of a series in which two have so far been published, and the only one of them I’ve read to date (though I’ve owned the other one for a while as well and it will be picked up this year).

I enjoyed this too – it was a light, fun read and it’s funny throughout. The ending is convoluted but not too difficult to follow and you’re very much on Jack Spratt’s side throughout. There are numerous nursery rhyme references and a number of affectionate digs at the detective novel/TV show. On the whole I didn’t enjoy it as much as the Thursday Next series, which are among my favourite books ever, but it’s still very good.


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