The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly

Technically this is cheating slightly, because I started it in 2008, but I finished it this year so it’s going in the blog…

I’ve been toying with reading this for a while – the cover grabbed me (and I’m terrible for judging books by their covers) but the blurb didn’t. Gradually I heard more and more good things about it, and fairy tales are a growing interest of mine, so I picked it up.

It tells the story of a young boy, David, who is twelve when his mother days. His father remarries and they move to live with his new wife, who then has a baby. It starts with an account of David’s feelings – resentment towards his stepmother and brother, and feeling like he’s losing his dad, until one day he finds another world by crawling through a hole in the brickwork in his back garden. From then on it tells the story of his journey through this land and the various characters he meets along the way in his quest to get back home.

I really enjoyed this and would definitely recommend it. There are some scary characters, parts of the story that have you on the edge of your seat, retellings of various fairy tales and some of my favourite characters (in particular the knight Roland, and the Seven Dwarfs are fantastic). I’m still dipping into some of the authors notes, in which many of the original fairy tales are reproduced.

It seems that this isn’t the authors usual genre, he tends to write thrillers which I’m not so interested in, so whether I’ll look him up again remains to be seen. However this is definitely worth a read.


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