This blog…

This blog is just a place for me to record my thoughts about what I’m reading this year. I’m aiming to read 75 books in 2009, which seems to be an arbitrary figure, and it is, but it’s a group I joined when I signed up to Library Thing. I’m going to record what I read, why I read it and what I thought of it here.

I also have a few goals I want to reach or genres I would like to explore a bit more:

I will be buying very few books but reading the ones on my growing “to read” pile. There are some exceptions to this:

  • There are a few series I’ve started that I will continue to buy the books from (off the top of my head the Sookie Stackhouse and Harper Connelly books by Charlaine Harris, Deanna Raybourn’s Silent In… books and the Newbury and Hobbs books by George Mann and the Brenda and Effie Mysteries by Paul Magrs, but I can’t promise that’s it!).
  • Those for my online book club that I can’t get from the library, as I’ve already signed up for that.
  • Anything by Jasper Fforde, as I think he has a new series starting this year.

I would like to read some Arthurian Legend stuff, some more historical fiction and a few more ‘classics’. Any recommendations in these categories are most welcome.

I want to read more non-fiction, and I do have a number of non-fiction books in my TR pile already 🙂

I want to read some graphic novels. Again, recommendations gratefully received!

The first few entries will probably be a bit vague, but hopefully I’ll get better at keeping on top of this and be able to remember stuff. So we’ll see how it goes…


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