The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

I discovered Neil Gaiman’s books last year – I think mainly because the I liked the look of the Stardust film, but I have a thing about making sure I read the book before I see a film adaptation. I really enjoyed Stardust, then went on to read Neverwhere, Good Omens and American Gods, all of which I loved. So I was really pleased when a friend bought me this for Christmas.

It’s a children’s book so much shorter and with less complex language than the other Gaiman books I’ve read. However that doesn’t mean less attention was paid to the story and characters, and I really enjoyed it. It tells the story of Nobody Owens (Bod to his friends). The Man Jack breaks into his home when he’s a baby and murders his family, but Bod manages to escape. He makes it to the local graveyard and is then brought up by its residents.

It’s a coming of age story with a thriller behind it, as the Man Jack never gives up on trying to get to Bod. The illustrations fit really well with the style of the story and Silas, Bod’s mysterious guardian who doesn’t fit neatly into the living or dead categories, is one of my favourite literary characters ever.


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