Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

I picked this up because I was going away with work and the book I was reading was not at all practical for packing, being quite a chunky hardback. This was to hand so it came with me.

I imagine everyone’s familiar with the story. Jane Eyre is an orphan living with her aunt and cousins, who basically abuse her, then gets packed off to a fairly unpleasant sounding school, then becomes a governess and finally marries the one for her via a short stint running a school, finding some cousins (one of whom is a bit of an arse), coming into some money and a madwoman in the attice. I’d read it at school but remembered very little about it, I don’t remember enjoying it much (though reading it in small chunks and having to take it in turns to read it aloud won’t have helped) but I wasn’t in a desperate hurry to read it again.

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed it this time round. I really like Jane as a character, for all she’s a bit prickly, and I was a lot more sympathetic to Mr Rochester this time around. Really didn’t like St John Rivers though, he was a bit of an idiot. The whole finding-her-long-lost-family was a bit contrived but I loved it all the same.

Anyway I’ll be keeping hold of this one and will probably read it again.


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