Inkspell by Cornelia Funke

Inkheart had been on my wish list for years and I finally got round to reading it just before the film came out, on the grounds that I can’t see a film based on a book before I’ve read the book. The film was pretty good and I completely loved the book.

I loved Inkspell too. I’m not sure about the ending – it was more like reading the end of a chapter than the end of a book, but it does pretty much guarantee that I’ll read Inkdeath (which isn’t out in paperback until June, dammit!). While the first book was set in our world Inkspell begins with Dustfinger returtning to the Inkworld, and naturally Mo, Meggie, Resa and Farid end up there too. Despite the difference in settings it feels very familiar, probably because of the time spent in Capricorn’s village in Ikheart, and I really enjoyed returning the the characters (particularly Dustfinger, who remains one of my favourite characters ever) and the story. Inkworld is well described and you can understand why, despite the harsh life and the villains, the characters fall in love with it.

I really enjoyed getting list in this.


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