Why Not Catch 21? by Gary Dexter

I picked this up from the library after reading about it on LibraryThing. Why Not Catch 21? is a collection of newspaper columns, each one telling the story of how a book or play came to be named.

I hadn’t read, or even heard of, everything in this book so clearly I’m not very cultured! However the chapters about books I didn’t know were interesting, and the ones about books I do know were fascinating. It covers a huge time period and a variety of genres (going from Utopia to Winnie the Pooh to Catch 22). Because of it’s structure it’s a very easy book to dip in and out of but still contained a lot of information. Worth reading.

This is also my first non-fiction book of the year, and one of my goals is to read more non-fiction, so I’m on my way to achieving that one.



  1. Gary Said:

    Thanks for your comments! Some of them were pretty obscure, i admit – the Bronte Sisters one, for example – but my criterion was whether there was a good story to be told. I’m thinking about a sequel but havent started writing it yet. Keep up the good blog. – Gary.

  2. moominsbooks Said:

    Ooh a sequel would be fantastic!

    Thank you for stopping by, I’m actually quite starstruck 🙂

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