Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

This is my second non-fiction read, so I’m going reasonably well with that goal I think. It’s one I’ve been looking at on and off for a while – it sounded like the kind of thing I’d enjoy but often seemed to be marketed as a kind of self-help book, which put me off a bit. Guess I should have gone with my first instinct…

…which is what this book is all about. It looks at our ability to process a huge amount of complex information in a very short space of time – the time it takes to blink – and act accordingly. Illustrated with very accessibly examples and with the science described in an easily digestible way it covers why we should trust our gut reaction and what happens when we don’t, but also at the sometimes catastrophic consequences of when it goes wrong. It’s interesting that there are times when adding that extra time makes a huge difference and how that has affected, for example, police procedures. The author is based in the US and therefore draws examples from there but that in no way reduces their relevance.

I’d definitely recommend this and will be looking out for his other books.


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