Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons

I’ve never read this, but saw it on TV with a friend when I was in my teens. I don’t remember much about it other than “I saw something nasty in the woodshed” but I do remember enjoying it immensely, so picked it up at the library.

Flora Poste’s parents die when she is 19, leaving her only a modest income. After staying with a friend for a while she decides on a plan; she will write to all of her relatives and ask to live with them for a while. She chooses to stay with the Starkadders at Cold Comfort Farm, and sets about generally busybodying and fixing things.

I suspect I’ll be buying my own copy, and probably the DVD as well. The book is similar in some ways to Northanger Abbey but I enjoyed this much more. The characters were more engaging; still larger than life, and the book was still a parody, but I never actually wanted to slap any of them. Flora should be quite annoying but somehow she never is, and she definitely had more about her than Susan in Northanger Abbey. It was a very comforting (and fairly short) read, and very funny. Where else would you find cows called Pointless, Aimless, Graceless and Feckless? Definitely recommended.


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