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A Good Yarn by Debbie Macomber

Having been charmed by The Shop on Blossom Street, and needing some light entertainment for a train journey, I picked up the sequel.

I think because I read them so close together I was slightly less forgiving of the flaws, for example sometimes the characters’ conversations seemed a bit stilted to get a particular moral viewpoint across. Having said that I still thoroughly enjoyed the book. It followed the same basic format as the first but introduced four new characters – just as engaging but very different. You get odd glimpses of the first four which is a nice touch.

It would be nice to visit them all again, I’m not sure whether the follow up books introduce new characters each time but it would be nice to see what happens when we leave them.

The next book is looking a bit tricky to get hold of but I’ll be trying.


The Shop on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber

I’m actually not sure where I got this recommendation from, I suspect it was LibraryThing because they usually are. I’ve had it from the library for a while now and hadn’t quite been in the mood for it, but picked it up last night when I needed something light and fluffy.

This book is the first in a series and is about the lives of four women who meet when one of them opens a yarn shop on Blossom Street and decides to run a beginners knitting class. The four women are very different, and the book explores the development of their friendship and their lives away from the knitting group.

I really enjoyed this, I was really drawn in and liked all the characters to the extent that it nearly made me cry on the train. The writing wasn’t always perfect, and there were a couple of bits that just wouldn’t happen in real life but I read for escapism so that didn’t bother me – I’ve given it 5/5 because I enjoyed it so much. I have the next one in the series on hold at the library, and have come away with the urge to learn to knit.